• Have you tried weight-loss programs and workouts yet find that you don’t like them and you never can sustain them due to time? 
  • Are you sick of diets because you feel so restricted? 
  • Have you tried to calorie restrict yourself to lose a few pounds only to find you binge eat and feel disgust? 
  • Have you had a lifetime of not liking the body you are in? 
  • When you go to social events do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin? 
  • Just feel out of shape and burnt out from life? 

You are READY to take a whole different approach to your health and happiness!

You know you are a spiritual woman who wants a deeper understanding of yourself and is ready to make shifts happen in your physical body as well as your mind and spirit. 

You are ready to make sustainable life style changes for success around your health. 

I AM here to help you do it! 

I am Ondrea Lynn, a certified intuitive personal trainer, health counselor, fitness nutrition specialist, transformational coach, metaphysical counselor, ordained minister, and energy healer.I help spiritual working women balance body, mind, spirit in their life to get fit in Divine Health using simple, quick, easy to use techniques. I combine practical and spiritual approaches that work in getting healthy. At a very young age I struggled with body image issues, feeling insecure, an eating disorder striving for perfection and never being satisfied. At the core of my being I know what it was like to live a life daily of beating up my body mentally and physically. 

Now, I have the recipe to acceptance and understanding for my body and my life. 

I have spent the past 16 years immersed in the fitness/health I have had extensive experience in body-mind wellness. My own personal efforts in fitness have been featured in an article and on the cover of Woman’s World Magazine. I have appeared as a personal trainer on Lifetime television’s Mission Makeover, season two. I am holistic in my approach, and I employ all-natural, gentle techniques on the cutting edge of today’s wellness arena. My specialty is in the treatment of weight loss, balance, flexibility, strength and self-love for women and girls of all ages by releasing energetic issues that result in changes in their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

Are you ready to relate to your body in a different way?

  • Take fitness to a whole new level without beating your body into shape? 
  • Connect your spiritual practice to your human body? 
  • Understand and liberate old patterns blocks and thoughts that keep you from being truly healthy? 
  • Allow your own higher guidance to help you get fit and sustain it? 
  • Find a life without food and caloric deprivation? 

Introducing- Get Fit with Spirit -

The 4 week Body, Mind, Spirit Fitness Program 

Starting January 30, 2017! 

Investment is $199.00 

Early Bird Sign-Up before 1/13/17 

Investment is ONLY $149.00

4 Week Group Program will include:

  •  _12 fun easy to follow workouts 

7-10 minutes in length emailed to you M | W | F to keep your body challenged. 

  •  _12 gentle guided meditations 

5-7 minutes in length emailed to you M | W | F 

  •  Facebook group with spiritual wisdom and mindset challenges. 
  •  Weekly 75 minute live support call which includes transformational coaching around any blocks challenges that may arise + discuss the weekly food focus and it's benefits. 
  •  Remote group healing on the Endocrine system to help the hormonal system to balance. 
  •  Remote clearing on lower vibration energies that keep you stuck in old thought patterns- Eg. tired, over-weight etc. 
  •  Meal-Plan with recipes

Investment is $199.00 

Early Bird Sign-Up before 1/13/17 

Investment is ONLY $149.00

This program is for you if you are a spiritual woman ready for something different around your health and wellness. 

Week One : Awareness

Week Two : Detoxification

Week Three : Rebuild 

Week Four : Integration

"Ondrea Lynn is an amazing healer. She walked me through such a deep connection to my body that I was able to heal in a way that I didn't think was possible. I had a c-section with my daughter and I didn't have feeling around my scar, and my doctor told me that I likely would never get that feeling back. After working with Ondrea for such a short period of time, I was able to connect in, really listen to my body, release some trauma, and I immediately had feeling back in that area. I was completely shocked and so grateful."